Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Alu, Gobi is a vegetarian recipe consisting of spiced potatoes and cauliflower. This vegetarian alu, Gobi recipe won't disappoint. Any one can prepare 1/2 hour time.


2tbs oil
1 bowl potatoes
1 bowl cauliflower ( cut into small florets)
1/4 bowl green peace
2 onions
2 tomatoes
2 tbs ginger & garlic paste
1 tbs salt (to taste)
1 tbs garam masala
1/2 tbs chilly powder
1 tbs coriander powder
1/2 tbs turmeric
1 tbs chopped coriander for garnishing.


  • Separate the florets from cauliflower. Wash & drain. Cut potatoes into chunks.
  • Heat oil in a pan add onions and fry onions till turn into golden brown.
  • Add ginger and garlic paste. After 5 min add tomatoes.
  • Mix in potatoes, cover to cook.
  • When the potatoes are half done add the florets, salt, turmeric.
  • Cover to cook. Open after a few minutes add chilly powder, garam masala, coriander powder mix well.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with roti or rice.



2 cups of besan flour
1/2 cup of rice flour
6 onions
4 green chillies
1 tsp chilly powder
curry leaves
salt to taste
oil for frying.


Thinly slice the onions and then mix all the ingredients with 3tbs oil, mix well.
Add water to get a thick paste. Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Take a small portion
of the mix at a time and drop it in hot oil. Fry till golden brown.
Serve with chutney or ketchup.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Vegetarians no need to worry about protein foods. Masoor dal is high protein food.
Serve with roti.


1/4 cup masoor dal
1 cup spinach
1/4 tbs turmeric
8 black peppers
1 medium onion
2tbs ginger & garlic
Salt (to taste)
Chili powder(to taste) Because we added peppers. So you have to check the
spice if you want to add more add chili powder.
1/2 tbs mustard's
1/2 tbs cumin seeds
1 red chilly
1 pinch asafoetida
4 or 5 curry leaves.
3/4 cup water for dal cooking.


1. Take a bowl add masoor dal and chopped spinach, black peppers.
Add 3/4 cup water put it into pressure cooker.
Heat oil in pan. When oil is very hot add mustard seeds, cumin seeds,
red chilly,
asafoetida,curry leaves fry these ingredients till brown colour.
Add onions and cook until tender and translucent, but not browned.
Add ginger & garlic. Continue to fry until onions are deep yellow.
Add salt, turmeric. Pour cooked masoor dal and spinach into pan, mix well.
Wait 5 to 10 min. Now add red chilly powder. Mix well. Leave it 10 min.
8. Masoor dal is ready. Enjoy masoor dal with roti/parata.


Serves:3, Preparation Time: 30 min


1Cup rice
4 tbs Oil
1tbs Channa dal
1tbs urad dal
1 tbs mustard seeds
A pinch of asafoetida
1/4 tbs turmeric
2 dried red chillies
2 green chillies
10 - 12 curry leaves
15 Peanuts/15 cashew nut peaces
1 lemon
2 cups water for rice cooking.


  • Cook rice with 2 cups of water. keep it aside.
  • Heat oil in a pan. Add red chillies broken into 2 peaces.
  • Add Channa Dal, urad dal, peanuts and mustard's, green chillies.
  • Fry until dals change colour into light brown.
  • Now add asafoetida.
  • Let mustard seed crackle, then add curry leaves.
  • Mix turmeric powder in this. Stir fry for half a minute.
  • Now add rice, salt, lemon juice mix well.

Friday, June 26, 2009


This item is so simple to prepare. If we don't have time to cook lunch/dinner.

We can make upma with in 15 min. time. Kids like to eat semiya upma.

You can eat with Tomato sauce or else pickles.


1 cup semiya
1/2 cup mixed vegetable (or else fresh vegetables)
2 tbs oil
1/2 tbs mustard
1/2 tbs cumin seeds
1/2 Channa dal
1/2 urad dal
1 red chilly
3 or 4 curry leaves


  • Heat oil in a pan. Add Channa dal, urad dal, mustard, cumin seeds, and red chili.
  • When mustard starts popping add curry leaves.
  • Add vegetables and salt mix well. Cover to cook. It will take 10 min time.
  • Take other pan add 1 & 1/2 cup water. Add semiya wait until semiya cook softly.
  • When vegetables cook softly then add semiya, keep mixing well.
  • Semiya upma is ready. You can taste it.


Vegetable kurma is very tasty. You can serve with Roti, biryani, rice.


1 Bowl vegetables

1 Med. onion

1 Tomato

2 tsp Poppy seeds

2 tsp coriander seeds

2 red chillies

salt (to taste)

1/4 tbs turmeric

4 tsp coconut paste

4 small peaces Cinnamon stick

3 tbs ginger & garlic paste

2 tbs butter or oil

4 tbs yogurt

coriander leaves


1.Take all the vegetables (potato,beans,carrots,green peppers, green peas).
2.Wash all the vegetable cut it into medium pieces add one cup of water and
put it into pressure cooker.
3.Heat oil or butter in a pan add Cinnamon pieces and onions. Wait couple
of min when onions turn into golden brown add ginger & garlic paste.
4.After adding tomatoes, salt, turmeric mix well.
5.Fry Poppy seeds, coriander seeds, red chillies.Make a paste add it into pan.
6.Add coconut paste and add 1/4 cup of water for gravy.
8.Then add cooked vegetables, cover to cook.
9.Now add yogurt and coriander, leave it 10 min.


Kichidi is good for health. Because kichidi is made with Moong dal, rice, vegetables and very less oil. It is also nutritious providing right balance of Carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.It is so simple to make and is very tasty.


1 cup of rice
1/2 cup moong dal
3/4 cup vegetables (if you like mixed vegetable you can use them or else use Potato,beans,carrot,peace etc...)
3 green chillies ( if your kids don't eat spicy food then don't use the chillies)
salt ( to taste)
1/2 tbs cumin seeds
1/2 tbs mustard
Pinch of hing
little bit of curry leaves
little bit of coriander leaves
2 tbs butter or oil
Water 2 1/2cups


  • Take a bowl and add rice, dal, vegetable. Add 2 1/2 cups water. Put it into pressure cooker.
  • Heat oil or butter in a pan add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, hing, curry leaves, green chilly peaces for tadka/tiragamata/popu.
  • When all the seeds turn into golden brown then add turmeric .
  • Once pressure cooking of rice,dal and vegetables is done add them to tadka/tiragamata/popu and Mix well.
  • Finally add salt. And decorate with Chopped coriander leaves.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Pav buns:12



Carrots: 1/2 cup

Beans:1/2 cup

Potatoes:1/2 cup

Cauliflower:1/2 cup

Green peas:1/2 cup

Ginger & garlic paste: 3 spoons

Turmeric: 1/2 tbs

Pav Bhaji masala Powder:1 & 1/2 tbs

Red chilly powder: 1/2 tbs

Salt to taste

1 tbs butter

1/4 cup finely chopped onions

1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro

1 fresh lemon.


Cook all the vegetable in a pressure cooker. Don't add to much of water while cooking. After the vegetable are done, drain and mash them coarsely. Heat butter or oil in a pan add onion and ginger,garlic. When onions turn brown then add tomatoes. Continue frying till it turns soft.
Now add pav bhaji masala,salt,termaric,chilly powder and fry for couple of minutes. Now you can add the mashed vegetables. Turn up the heat and continue stirring till everything is well
incorporated. Take of the stove when the bhaji is thick. Cut pav's in half horizontally and lightly coat it with butter. Roast them on hot griddle just before serving.

Garnish bhaji with Cilantro,chopped onions, and a thin wedge of lemon....

Friday, June 19, 2009



1 Cup Moong Dal

4 Cups Rice flour

2 tbs Cumin Seeds

1 & 1/2 tbs salt

1 & 1/2 tbs chilly powder

Water: Sufficient

Oil: for frying


  • Take 1 cup of Moong Dal add 3 cups of water put it into cooker. Cook well like dal.

  • Add the rice flour into bowl, cooked moongdal, Cumin Seeds, Salt, Chilly powder mix well.Mix by adding water and make a smooth dough like roti dough.

  • Heat oil in a deep frying pan.Fill the muruku mould with dough and press the dough in the oil in a circular manner to form a muruku.

  • Deep fry till golden brown and crunchy.Remove the muruku from heat, draining the excess oil on a tissue paper.

  • Cool and preserve it an air tight container.

Thursday, June 18, 2009



1 cup Bengal gram
2 cups sugar
1 cup ghee
1/2 cup water


Mix the flour with a little ghee. Heat the sugar in water till reaches a ball consistency.
Slowly add the flour stirring continuously so that no lumps are formed.
When it is well blended pour in slowly absolutely in a hot ghee stirring continuously.
Cook till the mixture becomes frothy and the ghee separates.
Spread out on a greased plate. When firm cut the Mysore pak in to squares.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Kids like to eat Spinach Carrot Pulav. Its very tasty and good for health.


Basmati Rice - 1Cup
oil -2 tbsp
Onion - 1/2 med, finely sliced
Fennel Seeds - 1 tsp
Black cardamom - 1
Cinnamon Stick - 1 peace
Cloves - 1
Green Cardamom - 1
Bay leaf - 1
spinach - 1 bunch/ chopped(2 cups)
Carrots - 2, grated
Water -2 cups
Red chili powder to taste
Salt - to taste.


Wash and soak the basmati rice for at least 1/2 hour.

In a microwave-safe dish which is at least 4 deep and holds at least 4-5 cups, add oil,fennel seeds, onions, Big cardamom, cinnamon stick, Green cardamom, Bay leaf and cloves, Mix well.

Microwave uncovered for 3 minutes.
Add in the chopped spinach and the Grated carrots. Mix Well and microwave for another 3minutes, uncovered.

Drain the water from the soaked Rice and add it in the bowl. Add salt, Red Chili powder and 2 cups water. Mix well and cook covered for 15 minutes, stirring and checking every 5 minutes.

Let the Rice stand for a few minutes before you fluff it up with a fork. Serve hot with Raita, Yogurt / pickle. serves 2.