Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mamidikaya Mukkala Pacchadi / Mango Pickle

This is a instant pickle. so simple to prepare. In Telugu we call it as" Mamidikaya Mukkala Pacchadi". People who love pickles will love this instant pickle.

1 Raw Mango
1/4 cup Salt
1/4 cup Red chilli powder
1/3 tbs Methi powder
1/2 tbs mustards for seasoning
1/3 cup saseme oil / 12 tbs oil
1 pinch of hing.


1. Wash the mango and dry it. 

2. Peel the Mango skin and slice it into half. Take out the seed.
3. Cut the mango into small square pieces.
4. Add salt, red chilly powder and methi powder into mango pieces and 
    combine well.
5. Heat oil in a pan add mustard and hing. Fry for 5 min.
6. Finally mix the heated oil and mustard into mango pieces.
7. Keep it into air tighten jar.
8. After 3 days you can serve with hot rice with little ghee/ dosa/upma.


Sarah Naveen said...

OOh...loved the hot red color for the pickle..looks so delicious..

Sook said...

Ooh i wonder how mango pickle tastes like! Thanks for sharing!

Tina said...

So easy and hot hot pickle...

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Aruna Manikandan said...

First time here...

I love homemade pickles and this looks lovely!!!

Love to follow ur space.

Check my space when u find time