Saturday, August 15, 2009


Lauki juice is best unknown medicine to the world. But now it is getting more
popular worldwide because of Baba Ramdev. According to Ayurveda it is very
good for mankind and can reverse the effect of aging and disease it is very
good for liver. You can usually find lauki in Indian/Asian grocery shops.

Loki’s/Lauki and other names:

1. Doodhi, lauki in Hindi

2. Dudhi in Marathi

3. Dudhi in Gujarathi

4. Anapakaya/Sorakaya in Telugu

5. Suraikai in Tamil

6. Lau in Bengali

7. Charanga,Churaykka in Malayalam

8. Kaddu in Punjabi

9. Squash in English

Below are the few benefits of lauki:

1. It is 96% water.
2. Excellent source of green nutrition.
3. Can easily be digested.
4. Very light on stomach
5. 100 GM of lauki contains only 12 calories.
6. helps treating urinary problems
7. Help to get rid of burning sensation in stomach
8. Keeps you thin. Does not increase fat in your body.
10. Very good for lever.
11. It can be cooked in many ways like Raita, Koftha, curry, Kheer, barfi, Paratha
even roti by mixing with wheat.
12. Good for diabetes, High Blood Pressure & for all diseases.
13. There are no side effects
14. Very good in digestion problems
15. Helps in loosing weight quickly if you just eat boiled/cooked in steam lauki
sabzi without ghee/cheese/oils

Tips: Lauki should be fresh
small in size because Big Size lauki may
have harmful chemicals to grow it big, so go for smaller ones.
Just taste little bit before use of lauki. If it bitter don’t that. Drink this lauki 
juice early in the morning on empty stomach.

How to make Lauki Juice/Sorakaya juice :


The easiest way to make Lauki Juice is to cut it into medium size pieces. And grind
with half cup of water. Then put the grinded loki juice on tea strainer (Chai Poni).
Then squeeze it with big spoon or table spoon by putting pressure. Or instead of
spoon squeeze it with clean hands. Collect the liquid in glass.

You can also add grounded black pepper or black salt to suit your taste. You can add honey/lemon to improve its taste. Don't add sugar.


Padma said...

Hi Padmaja,

This looks interesting..I heard that it even helps Thyroid patients if they take it early morning......
Thanks for listing benefits.....

J.Vamshi Krishna said...

Hi Padmaja,

Thank you very much for your useful information.

Amrita Patil said...

Hi there,
Thanks for sharing this information,
i made juice today morning however its quite difficult to remove all raw part of it, so can we have lauki's juice with its pulp?